Monday, May 11, 2009

Benefits of a Windows Server 2008 SERVER CORE installation

bene The Server Core installation option of Windows Server 2008 provides the following BENEFITS:
    • Reduced maintenance:

- Because the Server Core installation option installs only what is required to have a manageable server for the AD DS, AD LDS, DHCP Server, DNS Server, File Services, Print Services, and Streaming Media Services roles, less maintenance is required than on a full installation of Windows Server 2008

    • Reduced attack surface:

- Because Server Core installations are minimal, there are fewer applications running on the server, which decreases the attack surface.

    • Reduced management:

- Because fewer applications and services are installed on a server running the Server Core installation, there is less to manage.

    • Less disk space required:

- A Server Core installation requires only about 1 gigabyte (GB) of disk space to install and approximately 2 GB for operations after the installation.

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